Date of entry into the EU 25 March 1957
Number of asylum applications per year 2007: 7,102
2006: 14,465
2005: 12,347
2004: 9,782
Main country of origin 2005: Iraq 13.2 %
2004: Iraq 10.7 %
Asylum recognition rates Refugee Status
2007: 5.8 %
2006: 3 %
2005: 6 %
2004: 4 %Total
2007: 52.8 %
2006: 36.6 %
2005: 52 %
2004: 36 %
Resettlement 2004: 232
2005: 517
Refugee camps Total: 7Location:
1)      Schiphol Airport
2)      Rotterdam Airport
3)      Deportation-Lodges Amsterdam
4)      Prison Noordsingel Rotterdam
5)      Ter Appel
6)      Tilburg
7)      Zeist/Soesterberg
Human rights violations
2007:Undocumented women should be protected from violence assisting them to fill criminal complaints, to access women’s shelters, etc.

Women who have experience violence should be allowed to live in separate accommodation, even if they have dependent residence permits.

Gender-based persecution should be recognized and included into asylum procedures.

The government should detect and prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as disappearances of minor asylum seekers.

Victims of trafficking should not be sent back to the country of origin, unless it is safe.

A long-term support and protection strategy needs to be developed to help women experiencing threat or continuous risk of violence.


The definition of unaccompanied minor seeking asylum might cause difficulties to access services in the country.

Increasingly used accelerated procedure does not correspond with the Art. 22 CRC and international standards.

Rejected asylum seeking children are detained and have only limited access to education or leisure activities.

Lack of formal asylum and protection procedures, and the practices of detention and deportation still remain concerning.

ECRE member agencies Dutch Council For Refugees
University Assistance Foundation – UAF

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