Common European Asylum System (CEAS)

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Future Group ‘The Future EU Asylum Policy: Contribution from Sweden and the Czech Republic’.

Geddes, A. (2003) ‘Towards the Creation of a Common Immigration and Asylum Policy: A Review’. Paper presented to the conference: ‘The 2003 Greek Presidency: Between Disintegration and Consensus Building, Hellenic Observatory, European Institute, London School of Economics, London, 14 November 2003. 

Hunter, L. (2003) ‘Ongoing Work on the EU’s Common Asylum and Immigration Policy’. National Europe Centre Paper, No. 76. Paper presented to conference entitled ‘The Challenges of Immigration and Integration in the European Union and Australia’, 18-20 February 2003, University of Sydney.

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Thielemann, E. (2008) ‘The Future of the Common European Asylum System: In Need of a More Comprehensive Burden-Sharing Approach’. European Policy Analysis, Issue 1, February 2008.


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