Paranatural: Mystery Lights

Paranatural: Mystery Lights” is a program, which was shown on National Geographic. It was about mysterious lights appearing above the mountain in Marfa, Texas, USA. Similar phenomena is being observed by people in different places around the world. They do exist and they continue troubling even the most experienced people of science.

I was maybe in grade 10. It was around November. I was playng with a dog outside of the house, and my mother was waiting for me on the other side of the fense. Suddenly, she called my name and in a very weird voice told me to look up. Her voice sounded very frightened, and I asked her what it was. But she insisted that I look myself. When finally I raised my head, I saw something unbelievable. There were bright yellow lights slowly rotating in a circle. They were exactly above my head, just a bit higher than the roof of a one-level building.

I am definitely not one of those people, who get easily scared. I could have stood there for hours or even have gone to bring my camera. But I couldn’t. As people say, there was some power and intelligence about those lights. I was like paralysed. The first idea that came to my mind was to get out from there as soon as possible and go inside of the house. Before going inside, we looked back at that place – the lights were still there. My body was still shaking. My mother told me that she would not have told me about the lights if she had known that I’d be so scared. But she did tell me, because something else had happened.

While she was standing by the fense, she heard a strange noise in the air, as if a group of birds had passed cutting thought the air with their wings. It was not, however, a group of birds, but some kind of light moving very fast towards the forest. She would not have paid much attention, but as soon as it quickly passed by, it paused and started returning towards the place, where we were standing. It stopped above my head and started rotating.

There was no snow. No moon or stars in the sky. No reflections from any windows. These were definitely mystery lights. It could have been an impressive coverage if recorded on camera or camcorder. But do I want they come back for a shot? I don’t think so!

I would still, however, like see the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas. As the slogan of National Geographic says, “Live Curious!” You never know, where your curiousity may take you!


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