Criminal Minds (2005): the summary of episodes

Season 7

Episode 1: A woman is pregnant, but doesn’t want to keep the child, so the husband holds her in captivity for seven months. A few years later, she decides to take revenge by kidnapping her son, although the real target that she is going after is her ex-husband.

Episode 2: A man has suffered from the lack of oxygen during birth and he is therefore mentally retarded. His brother’s wife, when she was a teenager, allowed him to touch her, but later told her friends that he smelled bad, etc. Now he kidnaps girls and burns their eyes or mouth with sulfuric acid, so that they cannot sense how disgusting he is. The real target that he is after is his brother’s daughter.

Episode 3: A former marine deeply affected by one of the missions experiences a head trauma during a car accident, which triggers Capgras syndrome. The information received through eyes doesn’t create the same emotional response as it used to, so he thinks that his family and friends have been replaced and starts killing them.

Episode 4: One of the students starts shooting at his peers at school and explodes a bomb. The ten survivors make reunions to commemorate the event and talk on TV as well as in other schools, but one survivor is left out – the one, who was closest to the bomb, when it exploded. This is partly to do with the principal’s decision, so he takes revenge by killing him first and then proceeds with the rest of the list.

Episode 5: When he was a child, multiple times his mother tried to suicide, but didn’t find enough courage until one day he pushed her from the bridge, so that she can be finally happy. Now he answers the calls at 911 and helps other children in the same way that he helped himself – by killing mothers, who are trying to suicide or cause other kind of harm to their kids.

Episode 6: As a teenager, the criminal is beaten by his step-father, drowned in the lake and buried in the ground. He experienced clinical death, but survived – only to start doing the same experiments with his victims – drowning them and then trying to revive, so that they could tell him what they saw after death. Being ill with deadly disease and with only three months to live it’s a pressing question.

Episode 7: As a child, the criminal experiences his brother’s death due to a tornado. Tornado also savages his grave. As an adult, now he chases tornadoes, kills teenagers and cuts off some parts of their body to recreate his brother.

Episode 8: Man kidnaps a girl and, when she reaches maturity, impregnates her. She kills herself. Then he decides to kidnap her mother and to make her pregnant, too.

Episode 9: Four young men were killed at the military school by the father of a boy, who killed himself some time ago due to bullying and harassment by the elders.

Episode 10: A boxer’s son is dying from leukemia. He tries to get money to save him. He expresses his anger on random people and kills them in violent attacks.

Episode 11: Two boys study Zodiac and kill a boy. A few years later, one of them starts killing couples, because he doesn’t want to lose his friend, who’s getting married. At the end, he kidnaps his fiancé.

Episode 12: A man pretends to be The Piano Man revisiting his victims.

Episode 13: A man plays in casinos and starts killing people believing that it will bring him luck.

Episode 14: A man, who’s suffering from painful divorce, starts killing people, who are experiencing similar loss.

Episode 15: A boy, who survives the murder of his parents, later becomes a victim of a greedy politician’s manipulations and is drawn into murdering people in order to trigger racial conflict.

Episode 16: A man in a wheelchair kills sexual surrogates, and his parents cover him up.

Episode 17: A former teacher, who has just been released from prison for the rape of her student, abducts a baby and convinces the same student to run away with her.

Season 6

Episode 2: Two men kidnap a young woman and dump her body into the ocean to be eaten by sharks. Luckily, she survives.

Episode 4: A man used to attend swinger’s parties, but now he’s impotent and his wife is pregnant from another man. To express his anger, he forces couples to have sex using Viagra and condoms and then kills them.

Episode 5: A teenager rejected by his mother and curious about autonomy of the human body, starts killing surrogate mothers and dissecting them.

Episode 7: Three students kidnap strippers, rape them, chase in the cornfields and then kill.

Episode 9: Pedophile kidnaps young boys, keeps them over winter and after killing them berries in the woods.

Episode 10: A man living in a community starts killing women including his own wife.

Episode 11: A candidate for congress turns out to be a psychopath, who has killed several people.

Episode 12: As part of a religious cult, people are being killed and their parts of the body removed. It is not, however, done merely for the religious purposes, but also in order to increase the popularity of a book on the same cult as if winning the competition with his father and also dealing with abandonment and neglect in childhood.

Episode 13: A couple is killing people. They are addicted to alcohol and were abused by their fathers, who eventually also get killed.

Episode 14: A man kidnaps a women by a taxi and after soaking them into chemicals cuts a piece of their skin to make a perfume, which helps him to keep his memories alive.

Episode 16: A man, having big debts and fearing the loss of his children, kidnaps a married couple and forces them to withdraw a big amount of money from bank. Unintentionally he kills the man and ends this drama by suicide.

Episode 18: One of the agents is gone missing trying to track down a former terrorist.

Episode 19: A schizophrenic man is haunted by three of his peers that died in the fire, which he was blamed for. They tell him to kill people and disappear only when he falls asleep.

Episode 20: A woman loses her son in a car accident and feels guilty about that. She starts killing other people and finally targets her husband, who seems to have moved on.

Episode 21: A man kills babysitters, because when he was a child, a babysitter seduced his father.

Episode 22: A man kidnaps girls that remind him of his wife and keeps them in a basement.

Episode 23: A fisherman kidnaps men and women, who seem to be neglectful to their children and kills them.

Episode 24: A group of human traffickers kidnap college girls and boys, keep them in abandoned factory and torture in front of customers.

Season 5

Episode 4: A group of constructers start vandalizing the city and killing people.

Episode 5: A  woman suffering from breast cancer cannot have her own children, so her husband kidnaps women, makes them pregnant, keeps the boys for themselves and gives the daughters away for adoption.

Episode 6: A taxidermist kills the victims, takes their eyes off and uses them when making stuffed animals.

Episode 8: A refugee woman from Bosnia starts killing military families.

Episode 9: A criminal kills Hotchner’s ex-wife.

Episode 10: A man, who has just separated from his girlfriend, arranges dates with women and kills them.

Episode 13: A father forces his son to trick his peers into participating in a self-choking game, which results in multiple deaths.

Episode 14: A man leads a double life by running a bogus investment business, getting large amounts of money from women and then killing them.

Episode 15: The son of a psychopath starts killing people in public places in order to get attention.

Episode 18: A man, who lost his own daughter, kidnaps a father and a daughter and makes him fight for her life.

Episode 19: A policeman is killing illegal migrants trying to cross the border and decapitates them.

Episode 20: A man kills many women and tattoos their faces on his body leaving a place for one more victim, who is held in captivity and needs to be killed by his pregnant partner.

Episode 21: A young man kills people and finally targets the mother of his childhood friend, who wants to send him away.

Episode 22: A psychopath installs cameras in the victims’ houses, kills them and broadcasts the videos online.

Season 4

Episode 1: One agent gets killed and Hotchner injured as a bomb explodes under her car. The terrorist also attempts to bomb the hospital, to which she has been taken.

Episode 2: A woman, who is in love with a famous serial killer, after his death continues his legacy.

Episode 3: A girl is being sexually abused by the leader of an underground cult, who is planning a mass suicide of all cult followers.

Episode 4: A man inherits a motel from his father and uses one of its cottages to rape women in front of their husbands. Then he kills them, puts their dead bodies into a car and leaves in the middle of the road to be hit by passing trucks.

Episode 5: An immigrant working with his brother on the farms travels on a train and kills people.

Episode 7: One of the murders triggers Spencer a memory of a boy that was killed when he was a child and in his dream he sees that his father, who he hasn’t seen for many years, might be related to the murder.

Episode 8: A man obsessed with Fibonacci sequence keeps a woman and four children in captivity and leaves to the FBI to figure out where they are.

Episode 9: A man, whose mother depends on a dialysis machine and who was punished for sexual behavior as a child, completes a class on how to hunt girls and starts killing the ones that he picks up at a club.

Episode 10: A man is making false emergency calls and killing the police officers.

Episode 12: Two neighbors are kidnapping young girls and killing them.

Episode 13: A Romani family is kidnapping young girls and killing their parents. Similar crimes have been reported since 1970s all over the country. It turns out that the girls are kidnapped for marriage and the custom is passed from generation to generation.

Episode 14: A man, who lost his nanny as a child, kidnaps young women, makes them to resemble the nanny and then kills them and embalms they bodies.

Episode 15: A man is killing people as if mimicking some of the previous crimes and revisits the crime scenes by having sex with his girlfriend there.

Episode 16: A high-end cowgirl has experienced her parents’ divorce and wants to punish men for their filthy lifestyle.

Episode 17: A priest is performing exorcism and killing young men, who participated on the same pilgrimage trip to Spain. One of them is Emily’s old friend.

Episode 18: The Reaper, who was thought to be his only surviving victim, after many years starts killing again and when arrested escapes from prison.

Episode 19: An arsonist, who lost his parents in a fire and was treated badly by the city community for close relationship with his sister, sets fires in cinema and other public places.

Episode 20: A man suffering from dissociative identity disorder rapes and kills young men in hotels.

Episode 21: A boy is killed by his older brother. With the help of a police officer, the family changes the crime scene to fit two previously committed crimes in the area.

Episode 22: A man, who witnesses his mother’s death as a child, starts killing other women.

Episode 23: A man targets people on a road with his truck. He blames another driver for the accident that happened in the past even though it was his own fault.

Episode 24: A man releases a deadly virus in a public park and kills many people. Dr. Reid also gets inflected, but he is saved in time.

Episode 25-26: A mentally challenged man kidnaps homeless victims in the U.S, takes them over border to Canada and uses them for medical experiments in order to save his sick brother.

Season 3

Episode 1: Girls are being killed on a university campus. A suspect is arrested, but at the same time another murder occurs. The copycat turns out to be one of the female students.

Episode 2: A man uses his son to kidnap women and then kills them and takes their heart out.

Episode 3: A psychoanalyst kills his patients in a way, which corresponds to their biggest fears and phobias, such as burning, drowning or being buried alive.

Episode 4: Two men, who have grown up in the same foster family, kill people and force their children to watch their parents die.

Episode 5: A girl, who has been molested by her uncle, is abducted by his wife, while shopping in a mall.

Episode 6: A man kills women, removes their faces and leaves a white mask.

Episode 7: A serial killer explodes himself, but it turns out that he had a partner. He takes his identity and continues killing.

Episode 8: A man, who has been released from a psychiatric hospital, starts killing people and eating human flesh.

Episode 9: Garcia, a technical analyst of the FBI, goes on a date with a man, who turns to be a killer involved in one of the unsolved cases on which she has been counseling the families of the victims. He shoots her in the chest.

Episode 10: A young man is forced to watch his girlfriend die, which leads to crisis and violent killing of people.

Episode 11: A serial killer’s son starts copying his father’s crimes by kidnapping young girls, raping them in a barn and killing them.

Episode 12: Three young men kidnap two girls and kill one of them. Even though father knows that the kidnapping is related to what he has done before, he decides to go and kill those responsible by himself.

Episode 13: A man kidnaps women and kills them with an electric shock.

Episode 14: A man with underdeveloped mind kills the parents of three kids after he sees them in a carnival, where he and his father work.

Episode 15: A member of a support group starts killing other participants, who have lost their children in a fire.

Episode 16: After killing her father, a young man runs away with his girlfriend.

Episode 17: A man, who’s confused about his sexual identity and who’s been abused by his father starts killing gay men.

Episode 18: For many years a woman is being stalked by a man, who thinks that she’s in love with him and who eventually decides to kidnap her.

Episode 19: A man responsible for many killings loses his memory and Hotchner is used as a witness in the court.

Episode 20: A group of criminals, who are suspected to be terrorists, kill people in the underground stations of New York.

Season 2

Episode 11: A man running one of the justice advocacy organizations kills prostitutes and leaves messages on their bodies.

Episode 21: Two brothers kidnap their victims by a car, release them in a national park, chase them and kill with arrows.

Episode 22: A detective suspects that 63 homeless people are missing even though no one has reported them. They are being kidnapped by a man, who takes them to an abandoned building, chases them through different rooms and tortures before killing.

Episode 23: The killer from episode is back. He starts killing the victims saved by Gideon and threatens not to stop until he gets Jane back.

Season 1

Episode 1: A prison guard pretends he wants to sell a car, kidnaps a woman and keeps her in a cage.

Episode 2: A female student sets fires using light bulbs and gasoline.

Episode 3: A man sends bombs to people in parcel boxes.

Episode 4: A technician having a sight of his victims from the posts above glues their eyes wide open after raping and killing them.

Episode 5: A technician working at the FBI kidnaps one of the twins and demans a randsom, although his real intention is to kidnap her twin sister.

Episode 6: A former policeman, who works as a surgent in hospital, shoots many people in order to get public attention.

Episode 7: A therapist breaks into houses and kills families.

Episode 8: A man, who’s father was hitting him and his mother, has turned into a serial killer, who has murdered over 100 people, most of them males.

Episode 9: A psychopatic man thinks that the government has put a microchip in his body, which tells him what to do, and threatens the passengers on a train, who he believes to be the agents sent by the government.

Episode 10: Young couple is attacked while jogging, and more bodies are found in the forest. The symbols of Satanic cult are found, but they are just to distract the attention from the guy, who pretends to be helping with the investigation.

Episode 11: A man suffering from a mental disorder starts killing people in their homes, drinking their blood and eating internal organs, while his mother is covering him in order to protect the honour of the old family.

Episode 12: A man kidnaps a girl in a park and keeps her in the loft of his house.

Episode 13: After working many years for a pharmaceutical company, a man loses two thirds of the salary and insurance and starts poisoning people including his bosses.

Episode 14: FBI agents interview two inmates (male and female) on the death row. The man is guilty of murdering many girls. The woman has not comitted any murders, but she admitted her guilt, because she felt guilty that she knew about the murders, but didn’t tell anyone and because she wanted to save her son’s, who has been put for adoption, future.

Episode 15: After many years, a serial killer returns to the unfinished business. A change in his health condtion reflects on his behavior patterns.

Episode 16: An occult carries out murders of the white people living on the former Apache land in order to trigger racial hatred and violence.

Episode 17: A court scenographer, who’s parents have been murdered, starts killing people, who have been charged with crimes, but not convicted.

Episode 18: Out of jelousy, a personal assistant of a celebrity starts killing all people related to her.

Episode 19: A man dressed like a woman rapes women and later starts killing elderly women, who have the same middle names as his previous victims.

Episode 20: A man, who at the age of ten killed his own mother, who had been cheating on his father, by drowning her starts drowning other women.

For the full list of episodes and more accurate descriptions please go to Wikipedia.

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