Are there 4 dimensions of the Universe or more?

When looking for some information on the Internet, I came across a forum discussing about the possible dimensions of the Universe. According to “Jozen-Bo”, who seems to be quite passionate and educated in this regard, there are 13 dimensional and 26 inter-dimensional realities. The dimensional ones are static, while inter-dimensional ones move. So here they are (copied from the original post):

0=void, Vacuum, non-being, singularity, unfathomable, neither empty nor full.
1=linearity, lines (curve a string and u get a plane of imaginary flatness)
2=flatness, planes (curve a plane and u get imaginary space)
3=space, spatial, xyz (curve a space and u get a static vibration)
4=static vibrations, rhythmic, frequency without magnitude, reoccurring, ether, shadow (curve a static vibration and u get light)
5=static electromagnetic patterns of spectral lines,magnitude, limitation (curve the light and u get location)
6=location relative to itself, paths, positions, a place that differs from another place (curve a position and u get a shell)
7=the middle of the middle, a shell, in between inside and out, between wave and particle (curve a wave shell into itself and u get particle guts)
8=particle filling, charge, force, quality within the geometric shape of the wave shell, electric nature (curve the filling of a particle (that is, quantum energy—quaron bits) and u get uncertainty!!!)
9=uncertainty, probability, possibility, chaos (curving chaos energy into itself unfolds the crystallizations of thought!!!)
10=thought, that is, that every particle in all has its own thoughts and when those thoughts synchronize (be means of the bonds formed of the 8th dimension) our minds can operate. (curve a thought into itself and u get…Gravity collapse)
11=gravity, yes…gravity owes its nature to the thought of matter…before anyone says that electromagnetic waves or also effected by black holes…remember that dimensions cannot be separated in truth from each other. (curve gravity into itself and u get the center of the wave shell, the equilibrium center of consciousness)
12=consciousness, thought without consciousness is like us thinking and not knowing it. Consciousness is the 12th dimension, unfolding from nothing itself. (curve consciousness into itself and u get…infinity, which is also 0)
13=infinity, the polarized complement, oneness of opposites, zero, nothing (curving the polarity of opposites and u get a line…sound familiar). So we are right back where we started. the 13th dimension is also the same as the zeroth dimension. the circle is complete.

After reading this, I tried to get my head around and understand at least on a very basic level what these dimensions really meant and if they were at all possible. While the first ones were easier to comprehend, the further ones were becoming more and more complicated. Nevertheless, I kept moving forward and soon got “the point” what it was all about. Here’s the understanding that I have come to.

The outside reality, or the Universe, corresponds to the reality, processes and developments that exist inside of us. Since psychical reality is rather limited and our relevant knowledge and advancements are limited too, the best way to understand these dimensions is by using our 6th sense and by relating each of these dimensions to different stages of personal development or the so-called enlightenment. A good source to advance ourselves in this regard is Buddhism, since they describe various realms of existence, nirvana, and raising of consciousness, and Kybalion, which is also known as Hermetic Philosophy or Alchemy. So let me try to explain each dimension separately. If you can not get your head around all things that I say, don’t worry. They are better understood if experienced personally and may not be easily accecible to people, whose perception is mainly based on the five senses and whose 6th sense is not highly developed.

0- As the Bible says, in the beginning, there was nothing. You can call that nothingness God, Creator, Universal Consciousness, One or All – whatever you prefer. We are all part of it and nothing exists outside of it. It gave rise to everything that exists by splitting into two – matter and antimatter. Since then everything that exists is bipolar: day and night, hot and cold, good and bad, white and black, male and female, etc.

1 – A simple expression of reality is a line. If you are trying to build a house, then a line corresponds to a beam. It can be a line between two cities, a line between present and future, a line between cause and effect, a line between where you are and where you want to be. I think it’s the dimension, which should be easiest for you to understand.

2 – Okay, now that you have a line, you join some lines together and get a plain. Basically you put some beams together and get a wall.

3 – Now you put some walls together and get a space. Maybe it is a home space or an office space – it’s obviously made from beams (lines) and walls (plains), but it’s something more than that. It has a new meaning and a new purpose. But what does it mean in practice? For example, a drunk driver hit a boy and killed him. You can draw a line between events and get a line. But it’s not the only line available. Mother sent him to shop, because she didn’t want to go herself. Also before being born, he chose the date of death and wanted that the people effected by his death learn a lesson. There can be many lines. When you join them together, you get walls and spaces. You get a fuller picture of the reality.

4 – Each object vibrates. Chair vibrates, house vibrates. We humans, too have a certain vibration. Perhaps you have heard about instances when, for example, a singer’s voice is so strong that it corresponds with the vibration of window glass and the latter falls into pieces or when the army is marching at the vibration of a bridge and makes it collapse. I will not go into more detail here, but if some beams of the house bend, for example, the vibration of the house may change. It could be caused by pressure due to poor construction or some external factors, such as earthquakes.

5 – From vibration we can get light. A good example is getting light from electricity. Electricity is a current of moving electrons, which is also vibration. In Alchemy, they say that from basic metals you can get gold. What it means is basically that you can uplift your own energy vibrations and become enlightened. That’s what Buddhism is about – uplifting your consciousness. You can do uplifting on any known scale: from bad to good, from hate to love, from greed to generosity, etc.

6 – Once you uplift your energies and become a more enlightened person, you start seeing the reality in a new light. A completely new reality opens in front of your eyes.

7 – Then you notice that the world outside of you is only the reflection of the world inside of you. By changing the reality inside (your thoughts and emotions), you also start changing the external reality.

8 – Then you get control of your life. You become powerful. You posses creative energies that you can use. You also posses wisdom and are able to inspire people around you.

9 – You do, however, realize that everything in this world is limited and conditional. For example, you could spend all your efforts helping NGOs and disadvantaged people, but they may not be willing to employ you, may not be willing to adjust to the needs for your personal growth, may be too focused on rigid rules and procedures rather than problems, not using human and financial resources to their full potential, not helping the most needed and deserving ones, not considering all factors that are needed to reach the best results, etc. You realize that even though you have uplifted your energies up, the bigger part of the world is still not there.

10 – Thus you start helping others to uplift their own energies and change the way they think in order to be able to fully utilize your creative powers and help the world to achieve its full potential.

11- Then you become strong enough to make the rules governing the external world collapse. You break out of your karma.

12 – You become completely conscious or awaken. You see the world the way it is and not the way you assume it to be. You are fully aware of what is happening and why.

13 – It is then that you make the polarities disappear, the matter and antimatter join together and your inner self disappear, too. You become part of God, Creator, Universal Consciousness, One or All – whatever you call it and stop existing as an individual being. You don’t need to be born again. But hey, from 13 dimension you go again into 0 dimension and so on! Welcome to infinity!


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